Program’s General Objective

Promote the empowerment and economic autonomy of women by contributing to the process of development and regional economic integration with regard to gender.

Beneficiary Countries

Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Belize.

Participating Financial Institutions

Intermediary Financial Institutions (IFIs) that comply with the eligibility requirements established by CABEI may participate pursuant to current norms.

Benefits for Financial Institutions

The IFI will have resources available to attend the specific credit needs of women through a differentiated financial program.

Beneficiaries of the Resources

Beneficiaries may be:

  • Women who wish to start an enterprise.
  • Women who own a micro, small and medium enterprise.
  • MSMEs with female partners and a majority of women shareholders.
  • MSMEs with more than 50% female employees.

Benefits for Beneficiaries of the Resources

Women who own MSMEs will have a financial program to promote and consolidate the position of women in the economic market by providing them with opportunities for progress.

Currency of CABEI Disbursements (loans)

Disbursements will be granted in US dollars and local currency, pursuant to the availability of resources at CABEI.

Interest Rate

The interest rate applicable to the intermediary is established in accordance with current CABEI norms and is reviewed every three months or earlier if necessary.

Resource Source

This program is funded with resources from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) and is the result of efforts from three SICA institutions (COMMCA, SIECA and CENPROMYPE), UN Women and the Central American Microfinance Network (REDCAMIF).

In order to access financing from CABEI’s special programs, an IFI may request the opening of a Global Credit Line (GCL) with CABEI.

Discover the Benefits of a GCL:

- Be part of Central America’s largest and most renowned intermediary base, which channels resources to different areas of development. - Pursuant to your growth and performance, request future extensions to your GCL amount.
- Use the resources of the approved GCL, in dollars or local currency, pursuant to your financing needs. - Preferentially opt to technical assistance resources for expansion and strengthening.
- Choose different CABEI programs and products, which have been established with the Bank’s own resources and resources from international cooperation organizations. - Benefit from the different products and services developed by CABEI to strengthen the financial sector, which attends different areas of the region.