CABEI - Central American Bank for Economic Integration

Aware of the valuable non-renewable natural resources that the Central American region possesses, CABEI implements initiatives that contribute to minimizing the negative environmental impact of its operations, thus promoting the region's sustainability. This is why CABEI promotes environmental sustainability as a cross-cutting axis throughout its Institutional Strategy.

Internally, the Bank implements actions to use resources efficiently. The proper management of waste is a fundamental issue for the operation of the Bank, since it always seeks to reduce generation at the source and provide adequate disposal. To that end, the Bank implements actions to use resources more efficiently in the Institution.

The good practices that are implemented at its Headquarters gradually and successfully extend to the rest of the CABEI offices in Central America, transforming them into highly efficient sustainable systems.

Every year environmental analyzes are carried out and improvements are implemented to reduce the impact of CABEI's environmental footprint, involving the staff, who together with their families carry out important environmental protection work by planting trees in each one of its member countries. They also carry out such important work as beach clean-up activities, environmental awareness talks and waste management, among other initiatives. Since 2009, these volunteers have managed to plant 17,000 trees in protected areas of Central America and release 335 sea turtles.