CABEI - Central American Bank for Economic Integration



The Board of Directors is the body responsible for the direction of CABEI. It exercises all the powers delegated thereto by the Board of Governors and defines the operational and administrative policies, approves the budget as well as the short, medium and long term plans. It also determines the Bank's basic organization, exercises control of Administration's management and proposes to the Board of Governors the constitution of capital reserves. It is currently integrated by:

Director for Guatemala

Director for El Salvador

José Carlos CastañedaGuillermo Enrique Funes Cartagena

Director for Honduras

Director for Nicaragua

Tania Joselina Lobo AlonzoArmando E. Navarrete Mena

Director for Costa Rica

Director for Mexico

Ottón Solís FallasOmar A. Martínez Villada

Director for Republic of China (Taiwan)

Director for Argentina and Colombia

Wei-Sheng Chiu Julio Luis Jácome Arana

Director for Spain

Alternate Director for Argentina and Colombia

Enrique Manzanares CarbonellCarlos Sanguinetti Barros

Director for Panama


Héctor René ChinchillaHéctor Guzmán

Director for Dominican Republic

Internal Auditor

Clara Quiñones de LongoFrancisco Rodríguez Navas

Head of the Ethics Office

Chief of the Evaluation Office

Ricardo ArriagaJosé Efraín Deras