CABEI - Central American Bank for Economic Integration



  Credit Division

The Credit Division is responsible for overseeing all credit operations and managing special credits by applying internal regulations and the best international practices to ensure that CABEI maintains a healthy credit portfolio.

Contact information:
Randall Chang, Credit Manager

  Public Sector Division

The Public Sector Division is responsible for identifying, structuring and managing public sector projects and programs that meet the eligibility criteria to be financed by the Bank through any of its lending instruments.

Contact Information:
Sergio González, Public Sector Manager

  Private Sector Division

The Private Sector Division manages and monitors all of the Bank´s operations in the private sector and nonsovereign public sector.

Contact Information:
Sabino Zamora, Private Sector Manager

  Finance Division

The Finance Division is responsible for mobilizing resources to finance the Bank’s different projects and programs, as well as for safeguarding the Bank´s long-term financial sustainability by evaluating and defining the Bank’s optimal lending capacity to guarantee adequate levels of capital.

Contact information:
Hernán Danery Alvarado, Finance Manager

  General Services and Technology Division

The General Services and Technology Division provides administrative, logistical and technological support, in addition to managing the procurement of goods and services, continuously optimizing the Bank´s processes and ensuring the effective management of its financial operations.

Contact information:
Francisco Cornejo, Operations and IT Manager

   Risk Management Division

The Institutional Risk Division is responsible for the Bank´s integrated risk management strategy. It seeks to identify, assess and mitigate CABEI´s risk exposure.

Contact information:
Juan Mourra, Risk Manager



  Budget Office

The Budget Office plans, evaluates and monitors the Bank´s overall budget and oversees its implementation, ensuring accountability and transparency.

Contact information:
Ruben Mendez, Head of the Budgeting Office a.i.

  Institutional Relations Office

The Institutional Relations Office is responsible for managing the Bank's image on a national and international level in order to position CABEI as a first-rate development bank. It also establishes and implements the Bank’s Institutional Communication Strategy.

Contact information:
Salvador Sacasa, Head of the Institutional Relations Office

  Legal Affairs Office

The Legal Affairs Office is responsible for protecting the Bank’s interests by reporting to the Board of Directors and Upper Management on all legal matters related to the institution’s operations. The Office also advises on legal issues of an administrative nature to ensure compliance of the Constitutive Agreement and the Institution’s other internal regulations and policies.

Contact information:
Julio Eduardo Martínez, Chief of Legal Affairs

  Human Resources Office

The Human Resources Office is responsible for attracting, retaining and developing the Bank´s talent pipeline, contributing to the overall success of the institutional strategy.

Contact information:
José Roberto Galindo, Human Resources Chief

  Compliance Office

The Compliance Office ensures that the institution complies with all applicable laws, regulations and policies regarding money laundering and terrorism financing to preserve the integrity and reputation of the Bank.

Contact information:
Nestor Alejandro Chávez, Compliance Officer

  Environmental and Social Sustainability Office

The goal of the Office of Environmental and Social Sustainability is to guarantee the implementation of the Environmental and Social Policy and the Impact Evaluation System in Social Development, together with its instruments, ensuring the highest international standards of Sustainability for all of CABEI´s operations.

Contact information:
Roberto López Chaverri, Head of Office

  Office of the Chief Economist


The Office of the Chief Economist is responsible for monitoring, analyzing and reporting on the economic and social climate of the region in order to provide guidance on strategic priorities and enable the Bank to make data-driven decisions.


Contact Information
Florencia Castro-Leal, Chief Economist Officer
fcastroleal @

  Office of Pension Funds


The Office of Pension Funds is responsible for administering and managing the Bank´s benefit and retirement plans.


Contact Information
María José Negreira, Pension Fund Manager
mnegreir @