The CABEI 2015-2019 Institutional Strategy establishes that guaranteeing CABEI’s relevance to the region will require strengthening the Bank in different areas, most notably in the area of finance. To that end, financial consolidation and equity strengthening are fundamental to providing the region with continuous attention aligned with the priorities established by its member countries. Therefore, CABEI must attend the following objective:

1. Consolidate the Bank’s financial soundness and strengthen its equity. 
Consolidation of the Bank’s financial soundness and the strengthening its equity are fundamental to guaranteeing its long-term operational sustainability and to providing a constant flow of resources to the region. To that end, the strategic proposal aims to intensify the geographic diversification process of the public sector portfolio, as well as the incorporation of new members (in order to increase capitalization) as key elements for strengthening equity and improving the Bank’s positioning in order to obtain upgraded risk ratings. Likewise, it is necessary to increase income and diversify its sources through profits derived from commissions and sales of financial services, as well as to act as an agent to promote and channel external funding.