The Association of Retirees and Pensioners of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (AJUPEBCIE) was established on May 19, 1994 in response to the demand by the growing number of retirees of the bank to have duly constituted legal representation.

It currently has more than 278 members located in Central American countries and member countries such as Panama, Mexico, Argentina, the Dominican Republic and Spain, as well as the United States.

For the ordering of its actions, AJUPEBCIE has defined its own Mission and Vision:

Attend the needs of its members, contributing to their social, cultural and recreational welfare and developing activities for the benefit of the community.

Be constituted in the medium term, as an organization committed to its own development and growth, as well as to the welfare of its members.

Its motto: "Promoting the wellbeing of its members", is achieved through compliance with the following principles:

  • Ensure the application of ethics and transparency in all its acts.
  • Maintain the bonds of friendship, camaraderie and solidarity among the members.
  • Non-discrimination based on race, gender and political or religious beliefs.

AJUPEBCIE attends its members in the facilities of the CABEI headquarters building in a space designed to meet their needs.

Social Outreach
With regard to society, AJUPEBCIE carries out outreach work in the framework of volunteering through the Ad-Honorem Services Program (PSA), which offers professional and technical advice that supports non-profit social benefit organizations, public institutions and micro and small productive units or services.

The PSA is administered and directed by a Technical Committee, which responds to the Association's Board of Directors. The fields attended include community development, training, formulation and evaluation of projects, supervision, legal and financial advice, environmental protection, operational processes, policies and regulations.

The commitment of the PSA is to serve to support and strengthen the development of social, community and business projects, promoting change that contributes to the sustained development of human, technical and professional capacities in the attention of projects that meet the expectations of the beneficiaries.